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Transport Manager Refresher Courses – NOW ONLINE!

Course Overview

Day One is the same as the OLAT course which provides a comprehensive overview of the operator licensing regime.

Day Two examines a lot of the content from Day One in more detail, including worked scenarios.

Candidates have the opportunity to apply the knowledge to their own personal circumstances.

It covers the procedures and systems required to ensure operators comply with their legal undertakings.

The course is often attended upon the recommendation of the Traffic Commissioner and is often a condition of obtaining or retaining an Operator Licence.

Sometimes Operators attend prior to an interaction with the Traffic Commissioner in order to demonstrate their commitment to complying with the requirements of their Operator Licence.

Other Operators see the course as the best method for ensuring that their Transport Manager and staff keep abreast of the requirements for running a compliant operation.

The course costs £295+VAT for the first delegate. Additional delegates may attend at half price.

The objective of the day is to give a comprehensive overview of the Operator Licencing requirements, whilst at the same time giving Operators the opportunity to discuss specific issues faced by their businesses.

Course Content

Day One

Shared content with OLAT Course

    • Operator Licence System
    • Operator Commitments
    • Maintaining Online Records
    • Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)
    • EU Drivers Hours
    • Working Time Directive
    • Workforce agreements
    • Record keeping
    • Tachographs
    • Driver Licencing
    • Vehicle Maintenance (DVSA Guide to Roadworthiness)
    • Road Traffic Management and Enforcement
    • Dangerous Goods Movements (Road Haulage Only!)
    • Speed Limits & Traffic Regulations
    • International Aspects of Transport
    • The Authorities & Public Enquiries
    • Enforcement (DVSA and Police responsibilities)
    • Dealing with the Traffic Commissioner

Day Two

A more detailed examination of the role of the Transport Manger

    • W.A.R.S. (Attributes a TM must have physically and mentally to do the job correctly)
    • Statuary Documentation
    • TM Responsibilities
    • Skills Session (Costing)
    • Skills Session (Scheduling)
    • Skills Session (Licencing)
    • Impact Of Non-Compliance
    • Good Repute And The Protection Of
    • Company Policy/Best Practice Discussion

At the end of the Course time is allocated for attendees to ask questions pertaining to their individual circumstances

    • Q & A session For Candidates To Ask Any Questions Left Based On Their Own Circumstance

For Transport Manager Refresher course dates and to book online please visit our dedicated booking website – Enterprise Transport Training.

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