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Driver CPC FAQs

Do I have to sit the modules in order?

No – you can sit the modules in any order. To get the most from your training, we do recommend that you attend each of the five different modules so that you keep up to date on all aspects of driving.

£65 per module seems cheap – are there any hidden extras?

No, the price you see is the price you pay – this covers the cost of the course, VAT and the upload fees.  It also includes as much tea, coffee and biscuits as you need!

How long does the course last?

Registration begins at 7.45am with the course starting promptly at 8am and ending at 4.30pm.  There are morning, lunch and afternoon breaks but each course must have 7 hours’ worth of training.

Do I have to sit an exam?

No! To gain your Driver Qualification Card (DQC), you just need 35 hours of course attendance so no exams are necessary.

I’ve been driving for years – why do I need to ‘go back to school’?

Driver CPC is designed to refresh your understanding of the main rules and regulations and to inform you of any changes happening in the transport industry.  Whilst we know you have a lot of experience in all aspects of driving, it is always good to update your knowledge and brush up on important issues such as drivers’ hours.  Our courses are designed to be interactive, meaning that you get the opportunity to talk about different issues with fellow drivers.

Understandably there was an initial reluctance from drivers to engage with the Government’s introduction of Driver CPC. Some drivers were unsure about a return to the classroom and their ability to sit for an entire day! We have had a number of people book just for one day, to then realise that with regular breaks (tea / coffee / biscuits provided) and the opportunity to mingle with fellow drivers, the experience isn’t so bad. Would it be too far to suggest some sceptics have even enjoyed the courses?