Driver CPC Remote Courses – BOOK ONLINE NOW – only £49!

On 24th March, DVSA issued the following statement:

DVSA Advises Suspension of Classroom Delivery; Introduces Option for Remote Training

In response to the current emergency situation, DVSA advises periodic trainers to cease the delivery of classroom based periodic training. DVSA, however, has decided to allow approved periodic trainers temporary authorisation to deliver approved courses remotely via digital platforms. Training will still need to be delivered over 7 hours, this may be in two 3.5 hour sessions over consecutive days. You will need to ensure the usual conditions of course approval are met, that any online forum is suitable for remote auditing and maintain appropriate records for quality assurance.

This provision will stand until 12 June 2020. It is not intended as a permanent substitute for classroom training.

At Enterprise we have tested the delivery of our courses to online groups. We are satisfied that the courses can be delivered to the same high standards as experienced within our 19 classrooms. Approval has been received from JAUPT for remote delivery.

Our courses are delivered using the Zoom platform, the app for which can be easily downloaded free of charge. Technical assistance can be given if required.

In these difficult times we have decided to pass on the cost savings (venue costs, instructor travel etc) direct to you. We have reduced our fully inclusive price from our normal classroom based £65 per day to just £49 per day.

We will also be offering ‘closed courses’ for Companies that would previously have had courses delivered ‘on-site’

To book your course please visit our dedicated online booking website –


Whether this is your first experience of Driver CPC or you are looking to renew your Driver Qualification Card, we are certain that you will find our courses both informative and enjoyable.

We can confidently say that we are one of the country’s biggest Driver CPC training providers, boasting 23 classrooms across Yorkshire, the North West and the Midlands. Since 2008 we’ve helped over 25,000 drivers acquire their Driver Qualification Card.

Our courses are all individual ‘free-standing’ modules; you can attend in any order and have the freedom to decide how you want to organise your training – be it one each week, each month or each year.  Because we are a JAUPT approved training centre (Centre Approval Number AC02152), all our courses are accredited which means that you can be confident of receiving the very best Driver CPC training.

We understand that you have busy lives so we run our courses six days a week almost every week of the year.  With this extensive choice and flexibility, you can choose course dates to fit in around your schedule. You can select individual days or block book a full week’s worth of courses – the choice is yours. You can even book by phone, on the morning of a course, providing you are still able to make the start time.

We realise that attending Driver CPC courses is a requirement and not a choice, so we appreciate that you do get the choice in who provides your training.  For this reason, we constantly revise and update our courses to ensure that they remain accurate.  We also ensure that our instructors are continually improving their skills and knowledge.  Virtually all of our instructors hold a minimum of an Operators’ CPC qualification, with several holding a DGSA certificate and many are approved ADR instructors or DSA registered LGV instructors.

Our course price is £65 per day – this includes VAT and all DSA upload fees.  Your certificates of attendance are provided at the end of each day and your Driver Qualification card will be automatically dispatched to you by DVSA.  Visit the Course Dates page to see the full list of CPC courses available.

On-site Driver CPC Courses

If you have large numbers of drivers in your company, we can make it easy for you to train them altogether. We provide on-site training for just £35 + VAT + DSA fees per candidate (minimum 10 candidates per course), with discounts available for larger candidate numbers. Our onsite training is available 7 days a week to fit in with your company schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sit the modules in order?

No – you can sit the modules in any order. To get the most from your training, we do recommend that you attend each of the five different modules so that you keep up to date on all aspects of driving.

£65 per module seems cheap – are there any hidden extras?

No, the price you see is the price you pay – this covers the cost of the course, VAT and the upload fees.  It also includes as much tea, coffee and biscuits as you need!

How long does the course last?

Registration begins at 7.30am with the course starting promptly at 8am and ending at 4pm.  There are morning, lunch and afternoon breaks but each course must have 7 hours’ worth of training.

Do I have to sit an exam?

No! To gain your Driver Qualification Card (DQC), you just need 35 hours of course attendance so no exams are necessary. 

I’ve been driving for years – why do I need to ‘go back to school’?

Driver CPC is designed to refresh your understanding of the main rules and regulations and to inform you of any changes happening in the transport industry.  Whilst we know you have a lot of experience in all aspects of driving, it is always good to update your knowledge and brush up on important issues such as drivers’ hours.  Our courses are designed to be interactive, meaning that you get the opportunity to talk about different issues with fellow drivers.

Understandably there was an initial reluctance from drivers to engage with the Government’s introduction of Driver CPC. Some drivers were unsure about a return to the classroom and their ability to sit for an entire day! We have had a number of people book just for one day, to then realise that with regular breaks (tea / coffee / biscuits provided) and the opportunity to mingle with fellow drivers, the experience isn’t so bad. Would it be too far to suggest some sceptics have even enjoyed the courses?

General Feedback

Drivers who attend our courses have been genuinely impressed by the professional manner in which the courses are delivered and the suitability of our training venues. We work hard to ensure the course content is relevant and informative, meaning that every driver leaves the course with a better understanding of their industry.